Facebook since 2004 became a popular social networking site used worldwide. My fellow classmate argued that we should all stop using this social networking platform. She started her speech giving us an introduction as to how she joined Facebook back in 2009. After six years since she first made her account, she feels Facebook has become a great issue regarding privacy concerns as well as becoming a distraction tool. Dharti also argues that this social network used to be about competition and who could add the most friends in order to appeal as a popular person. She breaks down her arguments through its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Facebook consumes too much time.
  2. Affects physical and mental health negatively.
  3. Privacy concerns.
  4. Constant friend requests from strangers. Is it safe?


  1. You can connect yourself with family and friends around the globe.
  2. Good advertising platform for expanding business.

Dharti related her stance to two disciplines, psychology and sociology. Facebook ties in with psychology and sociology because this social network can greatly influence your self-esteem. It gives us a tool to alter the way we want others to perceive us as. I believe she had strong arguments and made it very clear to the audience what her stance was from the start.



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