Animal abuse is a topic that really upsets me and puts me in such an angry mood. It is so heartbreaking to me to believe that there are mentally unstable people that are capable of harming animals that only bring happiness to our lives. I completely connected to Deanna’s speech because I also have a dog, she is not a Pitbull but she is a Schnauzer, which I love to death. Dogs do really become man’s best friends. My dog is my best friend; she literally follows me everywhere once I get home. My dog’s name is Honey and she is the happiest dog whenever my parents or I arrive home. I can’t imagine how my life will be once she is gone. I’ve spent the last twelve years with her and although you may think that is a lot, I feel time has flown by and I still see her as that cute little puppy I got for my 8th birthday.¬†

Deanna stated that animal cruelty is happening since a long time around the world with little to no awareness of it. She spoke about her Pitbull Ice and how many people have negative perceptions of Pitbulls as pets. Although these dogs may intimidate many, that doesn’t mean people should treat them any different from any other dog. Abuse is not the answer and all animals should be treated with love, care and respect. It is our responsibility to give dogs the affection they give us. Although animals are not humans, they do have the ability to feel. Please be aware and speak up for those who cannot speak!


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